Tips On How To Choose Green Furniture In Singapore

Tips on How To Choose Green Furniture SingaporeUnknown to many people is the fact that furniture can have an adverse effect on the environment. This might not seem obvious from the appearance of any piece of furniture. True, but the questions worth asking are, how was it made? What materials did carpenter use? Where did the materials come from? How was the material cut and by what? How are the cushions joined together? Without a doubt, at times learning the background can be very helpful in answering some of these questions. Perhaps the machines used for cutting down the trees severely polluted the environment. Or, trees used caused massive deforestation that severely affected the environment. If you are in Singapore and would like to purchase green furniture, please consider the following valuable tips on how to choose green furniture Singapore.

Certified wood

There are a thousand and one options of making environmental friendly furniture. This is regardless of whether it is made of wood, metal, plastic, or cloth. Also, there are a million sustainable ways to harvest trees. Always ensure that the furniture you buy is made of wood that’s sustainably harvested. Renowned furniture traders all over Singapore have certification authenticating this fact.

Reclaimed wood and materials

There are tons and tons of used wood out there. Environment sensitive furniture designers and carpenters opt to make good use of these. These are known as reclaimed wood and can be from old houses, old furniture, scraps from the factory, logs from the river, or anything made of wood and is no longer in use. Either way, any piece of furniture made from reclaimed wood shows a perfect example of resource efficiency. Pick such furniture and support the campaign to ensure green environment.

Bamboo use

Perhaps you’ve heard that bamboo isn’t a tree. Yes, that’s very true. It’s a grass from small to a huge size and has varied colors ranging from maroon stripes, cream, lime green to black. It grows incredibly fast, is versatile and is the unofficial poster material for environment sensitive designers, carpenters, builders, and masons. Its variety of colors makes it suitable for designing a variety of furniture befitting different color shades. Also, it can be pressed into veneers, sliced-up to make window blind or be used to construct a house Indeed, bamboo is furniture is a green furniture and fully support a green environment.

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