How Can I Speed Booster for Android with Purify App?

speed booster for androidWith all the apps today, many people need a speed booster for android. The background apps can kill a battery and slow everything down. That is why people need an app like Purify, to clean up the background issues. The app is free for all Android users in the Google app store. Purify is a four in one application that combines battery saving, speed boost, notification archival, and bloatware removal.

Battery saving

The first thing that Purify does is make sure there is no battery waste when the phone is in standby mode. That one thing will extend the length of time for the battery, especially if the person doesn’t need to constantly look at Facebook or drives a lot. The main way that the app does this is my keeping down memory leaks from those apps you thought you closed, but are still running in the background.

Speed boost

The cleaning up of memory leaks also boosts the speed of a device. Instead of many apps competing for memory, there will now just be a few. This speed booster for Android can determine which apps are used frequently and which are not. It even allows for the user to determine what they want to use the most of via the Whitelist.

Notification archiving

One thing that can annoy the phone owner and drain some of the battery are the notifications. With the ability to archive them, both of these are handled in a manner that is easier to look through and not constantly draining the battery.

Bloatware removal

Bloatware is that software that is either unwanted when the phone is bought or apps that start becoming bloated and less useful. Purify goes through and removes these at the most basic level o the phone.One more thing that will help is that Purify will keep a log of all of this for the user to view.

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